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The result of 20 years of work, Rozelieures' parcel whiskies are born thanks to the mastery of all the stages of production on the property. This mastery, and particularly the malting, allows the Lorraine distillery to ensure total traceability of its whiskies from the earth to the glass. The Rozelieures distillery is currently the first in the world to offer single estate whiskies.

The great diversity of the Rozelieures terroirs: 4 families for 18 plots
The Grallet-Dupic family are farmers before being distillers. The structure of the soil, as with all plants, influences the taste and aroma of the cereals. The Rozelieures distillery farms 300 hectares of barley, spread over 18 plots and 4 families of soil: clayey-limestone, silty, volcanic and clayey.
A limited edition collection of 18 parcel whiskies, divided into 4 terroir families

Each year, the distillery will bottle 2 to 3 parcel whiskies. Within 7 years, the 18 parcels of the estate will be part of the collection, divided into 4 main terroirs: clay-limestone, silty, volcanic, clayey
The first two whiskies in the collection are unpeated. The maturation will allow the characteristics of each type of soil to be highlighted.

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